Learn To Take Screenshots On Mac And iPad

If you already know how to take screenshots on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, maybe you’re interested in buying a Mac or an iPad and you want to do the same on one of these devices, we’ll teach you how to capture apps or software.

This trick hasn’t been officially released by Apple, but here’s the method you’ll use to take screenshots on a Mac. Follow these steps and you ’ll become an expert in capturing the complete screen or just a particular area of your Mac’s display.

Complete Screen

If you want to take a screen of a certain program, window or even software, the first thing you’ll do is to open them and press Command + Shift + 3 from your keyboard then release the keys. Congratulation, you just captured the entire screen. Now, to have access to that capture, go to your Mac’s Desktop and you’ll notice a .png file on which you’ll double-click to preview it. If you’re satisfied with your “artwork”, upload it on Facebook or to your website and share it with your friends.

Particular Area of Screen

The other method involves taking a screenshot of an area of the screen while a program or software or website is running. Press Command + Shift + 4 from the keyboard, then release them and use the mouse to determine the area you intend to take a screenshot. After taking it to the corner of the screenshot, drag the mouse to the desired area and when you’re sure you’ve captured the right portion, release the mouse. The result will be on Desktop, where you’ll see the .png extension. Open it, analyze it and use it wisely.

Taking Screenshots on an iPad

This method is even simpler than the previous ones, and this is how you can take screenshots on your iPad device. Let’s assume that you want to take a screenshot of a running program or application. Open either one of them and press Home + Sleep or Wake button at the same time. You’ll hear the camera shutter sound, just like you’d take pictures with your device’s camera. This means that you just took a screenshot. You’ll see the image by going to Settings->Camera Roll.


This is a simple tutorial that will help any Mac or iPad user to take screenshots of their programs, applications websites, without needing to install another software or application on their devices.

Now that you found out how simple it is, tell your friends about these methods and put them into practice. You’ll want to brag about the latest application you’ve installed on your Apple computer or tablet, or you’ll want to show only an area of a website.