Easy meal on the go: curried cauliflower

Here’s a vegan dish that you can serve as a soup or side. It’s quick, simple and frankly delicious!

This is a great recipe because it requires only a handful of ingredients and it literally takes 20 minutes to prepare (including veggie chopping time). Our secret ingredient? Arvinda brand curry paste. You can buy it at the Marche Jean Talon at Olive et Epices. Of course, you can use any curry paste for this recipe and it will still be delicious.

2-for-1 Valentine’s Daily Specials!

Our Feb 14th special is guaranteed to make your heart flutter!

Who needs roses when you can say it with a lunch special? Come in and treat a lover or friend to our delicious daily specials. We’ve got something to satisfy just about any appetite (including some wonderful vegetarian options) and it’s 2-for-1 for both lunch and dinner.

If it’s true that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you’ll be making good time this Feb 14. Bon appetit!

Blogs we love: Mile Endings

If you’re looking for a place to discover the hidden gems of the Mile End, this blog is the perfect place to start.

Owning a café means that leisure time is often at a premium. So sometimes, when we feel like wandering around our neighbourhood without actually getting to our feet, we’ll visit the Mile Endings blog.

CBC journalist and producer Sarah Gilbert started Mile Endings while on maternity leave with her (now 3-year-old) daughter, Amelia. “It started with me wandering around the neighbourhood with a stroller,” says Gilbert. “Walking slower than usual, noticing things in a way that I never had when I was rushing off to work.”

Quick arugula and pear salad

This salad is quick to prepare, but delicious and sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party. 

This is a salad for grownups. It can be served as an appetizer before a steak dinner or as a meal in itself. The blend of sweet, salty, sour and peppery flavours is best served with a chilled glass of wine.

Gluten-free black bean brownies

As part of our special mother’s week treat, here are some delicious brownies that are healthy enough that Mom would approve! Thanks to Ellen Gray for sharing this recipe!

Unlike their traditional flour-based counterparts, these brownies are rich in protein, fibre and calcium. Be warned: they don’t taste exactly like regular brownies; they’re delicious, but different. They actually have a creamier texture, which makes them popular with kids