How to Use Smart Home Security to Avoid Raccoon Invasion

There’s no doubt that raccoons are intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. If you have been forced to clean up your lawn in the morning due to raccoon activity, you know how smart raccoons can be. Raccoons will open latches, doors, windows, and even garbage bin locks. They have proven over time to catch on tactics to get rid of them. They are highly persistent animals, and it seems like the more obstacles you throw at them, the smarter they get. A testament to this is their ever-rising populations in the urban areas.

Since raccoons are super intelligent critters, it brings up real challenges and problems for property owns trying to keep these pesky critters off their property. So how can you get rid of a highly flexible, and persistent squatter? Well, you get smarter. Today, there are several smart home security features you could use to get rid or deter raccoons from gaining access into your home.

Motion sensing light and sprinklers

Motion sensor lights are common scare tactics that are used for buglers, but did you know you could also use them to deter raccoons? Raccoons are nocturnal animals; they don’t like bright lights. Its due to this reason people are encouraged to avoid raccoons wandering in the day since they could be sick or rabid. Motion sensing lights will shine their bright blinding lights on raccoons foraging through your property scaring them away. This method best works for raccoons that invade your garden or lawn.

Motion sensing sprinklers are also a great way to get rid of raccoons. Raccoons love water; they will immediately make a den site if your property has food and water source. However, they don’t appreciate being sprinkled at abruptly.

Garden alarm and camera systems

For the longest time, security cameras have been used to keep trespassers and bandits from invading property. Today, the same systems work perfectly for our masked bandit friends. Setting up a smart security system that warns you when wildlife gets into your property is good; setting up a camera to catch them in the act is perfect.

These solutions will not help scare raccoons from getting into your property, but they will help you know their movements. Motion sensing cameras will record raccoon activity in the night, presenting you with concrete evidence you could use to secure your home better. The surveillance footage will indicate the number of raccoons, entry points and areas they frequent.  This information can be used to help capture them later.

Electric fence

Electric fences are a sure way of keeping any wildlife out of your property; no one likes to be zapped. A smart home security electric fence can significantly help keep raccoons out of your property. Since raccoons are nocturnal animals, the electric fence can be programmed to function during certain times of the night when you are sure raccoon activity is at the peak. Thermal sensors can also be used to trigger the electric fence at certain times in case raccoons try to get through.

Smart home security features are advantageous when it comes to dealing with raccoons, and while they are very useful, they are also very costly to set up