How To Connect Your Laptop To TV

Did you ever try to view some photos or videos on your laptop with your friends or family? Or did you ever want to see a funny video on a larger screen than your laptop’s 15.6inches screen? Oh well, then you should connect your laptop to the TV.

Ways to connect your Laptop to TV

To connect your laptop to the TV you will just need a cable. To do this you will have to check the connections on both of the devices.

Selecting the right cable

The most common connection that also comes with highest quality options for connecting a laptop to an HDTV is HDMI and DVI. Most of the televisions support S-video connections also, but the quality is not that great.


HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and it is currently the highest quality connection you can have. All HDTV will come with this connection type, but keep in mind that a standard TV will never have it. However, your laptop may not have an HDMI port, which means that you will need an adapter to convert the HDMI cable into DVI, a port that is used on all laptops.

Mini Display Port -> HDMI Adapter

In case your laptop has a mini display port, there is a special adapter that is able to connect to your display port. This adapter will be able to connect to your laptop at an end of the cable, and at the other end, you will be able to connect an HDMI cable. This port was initially made for the Mac devices, but now these kinds of ports are also found on laptops.


DVI stands for Digital Video Interface and it is one of the most used connections from a computer to a monitor/TV. However, keep in mind that a standard TV will not be able to handle this kind of cable too. And in case you will need sound also, you will have a different cable for it. To do this, plug an audio cable into the headphones port of the laptop and at the end of the cable, you will have two cable colours: a red and a white one, which you will have to plug into the TV.


VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, and it is another common connection on both computers and HDTV. Likewise DVI, VGA doesn’t come with an audio signal and you will have to use the same method that we’ve told you on the DVI cable connection (by using a 3.5mm stereo cable).


Most of the TVs and some laptops have this kind of connection. This cable is very cheap, but at the same time, you will not have the best picture quality with it. For the sound, you will also need to use a stereo cable, like on DVI and VGA cables.

After you’ve selected the right cable, you will need to plug it into your laptop and TV, before you turn on the TV. You do this because sometimes it fails to recognize the external display if you plug it in after you turn the TV on. After that, just select the correct input and you will be able to see the TV as a 2ndmonitor. You can also set a different resolution for the TV by using the display settings from your laptop.