How to Use Smart Home Security to Avoid Raccoon Invasion

There’s no doubt that raccoons are intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. If you have been forced to clean up your lawn in the morning due to raccoon activity, you know how smart raccoons can be. Raccoons will open latches, doors, windows, and even garbage bin locks. They have proven over time to catch on tactics to get rid of them. They are highly persistent animals, and it seems like the more obstacles you throw at them, the smarter they get. A testament to this is their ever-rising populations in the urban areas. Continue Reading “How to Use Smart Home Security to Avoid Raccoon Invasion”

How Home Automation Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient

Home automation has become one of the recent addictions for many consumers. Everyone wants to have a clean and neat atmosphere around themselves and around their kids, especially in a place where they rest their shoes after the heavy work day. So, people are looking for how to improve their home more energy efficient, by having reduced electricity bills and cost associated with it, and how this automation works to achieve that need. One of the best ways to improve home energy efficiency is to improve attic insulation there is a great article that covers other options for home efficiency and attic insulation. Continue Reading “How Home Automation Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient”

How Home Automation Can Change the Modern Living

With the vast technological advancements over the past few years, so far among the coolest and most convenient up and coming inventions is going to be the utilization of automation to control everything in your house. Automation can be so convenient because you can control many functions throughout your house with a simple one-touch or move onto a control pad. There are many great ways automation can be beneficial to your everyday life. Continue Reading “How Home Automation Can Change the Modern Living”

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient with Smart Technologies

With a greater emphasis on environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies, making a home more efficient in the use of green energy has become easy and profitable. So, if you’re thinking of some simple ways to save on electricity bills, you can make smart changes to your home by making it more environmentally friendly and ending up saving a considerable amount of money in the long term. There are more devices and plans that can help increase energy efficiency. Below are ways how to Make Your Home Energy Efficient with Smart Technologies. Continue Reading “How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient with Smart Technologies”

Find Out What Version of Flash You Have Installed

Do you know what version of Flash you have installed? Do you know what the latest version of Flash is, so you can make sure you’re running the latest and greatest?

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Do you know why either question is important?

Adobe Flash, sometimes still called Shockwave Flash or Macromedia Flash, is a platform that many websites choose to use to play video.

On your end, your browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or IE, needs to have something called a plug-in so you can play those videos.

So, when you ask “what version of Flash do I have?” what you’re really asking is “what version of the Flash plug-in for my browser do I have installed?”

Knowing what version number of the Flash plug-in you have installed on each of your browsers (assuming you use more than one) is important if you’re troubleshooting an issue with videos playing, or are having some other problem with your browser. Continue Reading “Find Out What Version of Flash You Have Installed”

Learn To Take Screenshots On Mac And iPad

If you already know how to take screenshots on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, maybe you’re interested in buying a Mac or an iPad and you want to do the same on one of these devices, we’ll teach you how to capture apps or software.

This trick hasn’t been officially released by Apple, but here’s the method you’ll use to take screenshots on a Mac. Follow these steps and you ’ll become an expert in capturing the complete screen or just a particular area of your Mac’s display. Continue Reading “Learn To Take Screenshots On Mac And iPad”